About Us

The CostPerform Analysis & Modelling software tool is developed in the Netherlands by QPR CostControl BV. Every member of their team has extensive experience in cost management using a variety of different products. Together, the combined years of leadership in the field resulted in CostPerform. By fusing extensive knowledge of cost management with the in-house development expertise we are dedicated to helping businesses surpass their goals using CostPerform. Our mission is to provide the world’s top-rated cost management tool to our clients, while supporting their business improvement goals with world-class training, coaching, and guidance throughout our association.

CostPerform software supports client companies across many industries. Our clients use CostPerform for diverse reasons, from calculating unit costs and net margin, to performing advanced long-term simulations and life-cycle costing, to proofing proper costs allocation for regulators such as in the telecom industry.


Business size

1-10 employees

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