About Us

Carbon Neutral Solutions Ltd (CNSL) is an independent company dedicated to the sourcing and development of sustainable solid biomass fuels for heating and power generation.

Increasing demand by the UK and World resources challenges the overall concept of biomass use as a renewable fuel. It is essential that every part of the supply chain is qualified and substantiated as being truly ‘Renewable’ and capable of reducing ‘Carbon Emissions’.

With over 10 years of UK and International Biomass Supply experience and 25 years in Forestry and Sawmilling - staff at CNSL can provide support to provide Sustainable, Renewable, carbon Neutral Fuels for projects ranging from Local Domestic requirements and Commercial applications in schools, hospitals, government, council, company buildings and factories to major power projects for stand alone biomass plant – eg Stevens Croft Lockerbie.
The support includes:
Specialist crop development – UK and International energy crops
Fuel supply strategy development for projects
Fuel sourcing and contract development
Fuel certification and verification of sustainability
Technical support – specification / handling / processing / delivery.
Biomass pricing index for a variety of fuel types.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence