About Us

Founded in 1975, Biral designs and manufactures high quality meteorological sensors for use in industrial, research and monitoring applications. From our world leading HSS and SWS range of Visibility and Present Weather sensors to our state-of-the-art BTD300 Thunderstorm detector, Biral brings benefits to a wide range of applications including in:

- Aviation Weather
- Offshore and Marine Weather
- Road and Rail weather monitoring
- Renewable Energy Weather (Wind Turbine)
- National weather service monitoring systems and research.
- Aerosol Research

Our products are sold globally and generally sold to system integration companies and OEMs who supply a complete system or service to the end user.

Our highly trained staff have the necessary applications experience to advise customers on the best way to solve their measurement problems and offer the most suitable equipment for the application.

Contact us now for more details at enquiries@biral.com or call on +44 (0) 1275 847787

Business size

26-100 employees