About Us

Bartha Contemporary was founded in 2000 by Niklas and Daniela von Bartha, early exhibitions include the complete printed works by Agnes Martin as well as two group exhibitions juxtaposing selected works by contemporary artists with important ancient Chinese works of art.
The Gallery continues to exhibit works by European and American contemporary artists, recently the gallery was instrumental in the publication of Clay Ketter’s „Gulf Coast Slabs Series“ a body of photographic works documenting the traces of homes swept away by hurricane Katrina.
In early 2009 the gallery held an exhibition of works by Hartmut Böhm, Walter Leblanc and Klaus Staudt from the Nouvelle Tendance movement a precursor to Zero and Op-Art. This show underlines the gallery’s continued commitment to showcasing seminal works from often under represented 20th Century art-movements, often largely unknown to a UK audience, alongside an otherwise exclusively contemporary program, which puts an emphasis on non-figurative and conceptual art.
In February 2012 the gallery opened its current space in Margaret Street, in the heart of London’s new Fitzrovia Art district. In 2012 the ground floor space will host a series of Solo-Exhibitions by gallery artists Winston Roeth, Julia Mangold, Mike Meiré, Frank Gerritz and Kate Shepherd.

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