About Us

Who are we?

Astra Nova Training is a UK-based training organization, which focuses on pharma and clinical research in-house training solutions through our international network of training professionals. Our primary goal is to ensure that companies and organizations worldwide have access to up-to-date and affordable pharmaceutical training in all of its aspects. In order to achieve that, we contract experienced and proven pharma experts worldwide who can deliver both – local and international training solutions.

International Network of Trainers

We deliver our solutions by working closely with seasoned trainers who operate on some of the major research markets in Europe/the world. Their intimate knowledge of the industry in their respective countries allows us to employ them together when our international clients require our services in multiple countries.
Our trainers’ rich professional backgrounds as well as our experience in delivering training to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, CRO’s, and other research establishments guarantees the high quality of our services. Our trainers have all worked within the industry locally and internationally and recognise what it takes to run a successful business. Hence, we work with them on developing training solutions, which benefit your staff members’ skill and, more importantly, help increase the quality of your organization’s work.We provide such important trainings for clinical research as Good Clinical Practice - http://crotraining.co.uk/online-training/good-clinical-practice-gcp-training-international-edition/, Good Manufacturing Practice - http://crotraining.co.uk/online-training/good-manufacturing-practices-gmp-training/, Good Distribution Practice - http://crotraining.co.uk/online-training/good-distribution-practice-gdp-training/, Good Laboratory Practice - http://crotraining.co.uk/online-training/good-laboratory-practice-training/, and many others.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence