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About Us

Your people capability resource - focused on intellectual, human and social capital development by design.

K3 was started up by the University of Edinburgh in 2009, as a result of research into knowledge and learning as a capability that generates value, business agility and contributes to human resource development. Since then we have worked in 17 countries around the world.

What makes K3 different is that our work is based on research informed practice and a design-led approach to change; the proprietary research that underpins our benchmarking and change model winning an Emerald Literati Network Award. Quite simply, we understand the complex environment that organisations find themselves in today.

Our clients typically want to do a better job of anticipating change, understanding their internal/external customers, innovating, improving productivity and/or improving their adaptive capability (the ability to react to change). They want to do a better job of making sense of their environment and they want to do it quicker than they have before. Our clients recognise that the environment is in a constant state of flux. They also recognise that if they don't sense and act to that change quickly enough they will fail.

K3 is about looking at the whole problem. Complex challenges cannot be solved through traditional reductionist approaches, they need an understanding of marginal gains. Complex challenges need tools that look beyond the immediate cause and illuminate the underlying or discrete cause of the problem. Our award winning Knowledge-Core (K-Core) model does just that.

Applying design thinking principles, our approaches focus on your future, making sure that when things go wrong, as they surely will, you are better positioned than your competitors to bounce forward and claim competitive advantage.


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1-10 employees

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