About Us

The world's best films and documentaries about Islam and Muslim life are available on Alchemiya. From award winning films to independent documentaries, we have a wide selection of subjects to keep you entertained and informed. Travel, lifestyle, children’s programmes, history, religion and so much more. We believe that there is a new generation of educated global urban Muslims, who are seeking premium quality content that inspires, entertains and defines them beyond the current stereotypes. Today Alchemiya is available globally, and is fast building a customer base of discerning ABC1’s Muslims across the globe. Currently in beta mode, with a limited selection of 50 titles, the service continues to attract new subscribers every day and a healthy following on social media. The majority of these customers are attracted by the social mission to support and promote a more positive and balanced image of Islam and Muslims. The professional track record of the management team - in mainstream broadcasting and financial management (ex-BBC) - has allowed the project to quickly differentiate itself with regards to quality.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence