About Us

Delivering INCREASED PATIENT SAFETY, PRODUCTIVITY GAINS and IMPROVED QUALITY OF CARE, 4S DAWN Clinical Software is a complete, comprehensive software package or framework designed for disease management and medication management that aids healthcare professionals monitor long-term patients taking potentially harmful drugs.

A disease specific software that enables clinics to gather important patient information and track patient conditions, 4S DAWN Clinical Software not only allows for clinic and patient management but also addresses key patient safety issues related directly to specific conditions.

Since its inception, 4S DAWN Clinical Software has helped physicians and clinics track patient records and reminders for care in a variety of clinics across the globe providing a reliable, easy to use solution.

Our commitment to delivering superior software that increases patient safety and facilitates productivity gains whilst improving quality of care is at the heart of everything we do. Working together to build strong customer relationships ensures that our customers receive an excellent service built upon integrity, clear communication and a responsive, first class support team


Business size

26-100 employees

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